Terms and Conditions

Mackay Wilderness River Trips, Inc. does not sell or give out our guests' personal
information to any other company or person without written authorization from our guests.
All guest information is kept confidential.


Mackay Wilderness River Trips, Inc. provides for a standard trip size of 24 guests on the
Middle Fork of the Salmon and Main Salmon Rivers. Because of the limited number of seats
available and the logistical planning involved, we must adhere to the following reservation
and cancellation policy:

Reservations - To reserve your seat, a deposit of $500.00 per person is required. Your trip
reservation form can be completed and mailed to our office with credit card information or
attached check, OR faxed to our office with credit card information. Reservations can also
be made over the telephone and followed up with your form by mail or fax, OR online at

Final Payment - Your final payment is due 90 days prior to your trip date. Guests choosing
to reserve their trips with a credit card will have their final payments automatically
charged to their credit cards unless a check is received by mail prior to the due date.
Guests choosing to pay by personal check or cashier check will need to send payments timely
for arrival in our office by the due date.

Cancellation Policy - due to the limited number of seats we can offer, Mackay Wilderness
River Trips, Inc. does not refund deposits or final payments. Mackay protects our guests'
investment by providing each guest with Travel Guard Trip Cancellation and Interruption
Insurance. The Travel Guard Savvy Traveler Policy protects guests financially if your trip
is cancelled interrupted or delayed due to sickness, injury, death of insured or traveling
companion, inclement weather conditions causing cancellation of your trip, and natural
disasters making your destination uninhabitable or inaccessible. Feel secure, your
investment is safe with Mackay Wilderness River Trips.

NOTE: Travel Guard offers upgraded policies with additional coverage such as work related,
or cancel for any reason. If you choose to upgrade, Mackay will be happy to purchase your
policy and add the added cost to your trip invoice.

Private charters require a 50% deposit.

All trip prices are subject to $4.00 per day Recreation Enhancement Act Fee.