Synthetic T shirts - These capilene or washable wool T's are great for wicking and fast drying. We recommend them over cotton. You should need 1 for every two to three days.

    Cotton T shirts - During the warmer months of July and August, T' shirts can be worn all day. They will protect you from the sun while rafting and are comfortable during the day. They will get wet, so bring one for each day.

    Nylon shorts - Nylon is comfortable when wet, dries quickly and is lightweight and easy to pack. More than any other piece of clothing, you will wear your shorts the most. Two or three pairs should be plenty.

    Swimsuits - The summer temperatures on the river will range from 75 degrees to 95 degrees during the day. A swimsuit will come in handy for a quick dip or for soaking in the hot springs.

    Raingear - Good quality raingear is mandatory. We experience mountain showers throughout the season and an inexpensive suit will not do the job. Your raingear should have jacket, pants and hood. If the temperatures drop, raingear can be worn over your fleece to keep you warm and dry.

    Fleece jackets and pants - They designed polar fleece with rafting in mind. This wonderful fabric dries quickly and stays warm even when wet. By layering your clothing (swimsuit, shorts, T'shirt, polar fleece and raingear) you are assured of complete comfort no matter what mother nature brings.

    Wool shirt or sweater - Great for around the campfire in the cool evenings or for keeping warm if you do not have fleece.


    Shoes - You will need two pairs of shoes - a pair that can be wet and another that will be dry for camp. On the raft your feet will be wet most the day. Either a canvas tennis shoe, river sandals with a secure heel, or neoprene booties with soles will work best. At camp a dry pair of tennis shoes is perfect. Hiking boots are not necessary and maybe difficult to pack (unless they are very lightweight).

    Wool socks or wetsocks - The water temperature can be around 55 degrees. Your feet are in and out of the water most the day, so if your feet have a tendency to get cold we recommend wetsocks to ensure your feet remain warm and comfortable. For those of you whose feet do not have a tendency to get really cold, wool socks will more than likely do the job.


    Sun screen - The weather can be very hot in the summer months, so a waterproof sun screen will help protect you from burning and the sun's harmful rays.

    Towel - You will need a towel for showering and the hot springs. One per person is plenty.

    Flashlight - A small lightweight flashlight is good to have for any night walks to the latrine.

    Hats - During June a warm wool or fleece hat will help keep the warmth in. During the warmer summer months a hat with a bill will keep the sun off your face.

    Gloves - During June wool gloves or neoprene gloves will keep your hands warm. During the summer, a lightweight paddle glove will protect your hands from blisters if you choose to do much paddling.

    Plastic water bottle with a secure lid - We will give you a river mug in your guest package for all the beverages we serve, but your river mug is not spill proof. For on the raft or hiking a water bottle is handy.

    Sunglasses with a security strap - Polarized lenses will protect your eyes from the sun's rays.

    Toiletry Items - Feel free to bring the kinds of soaps you use at home. Our guides will instruct you on where to be when you use these products so as too not pollute this wonderful river. Bring the toiletries you need for your adventure and place them in a plastic bag to protect your other items from getting soiled if they should leak. A type of wet wipe will also come in handy.

    Fishing gear & tackle - Fishing equipment is not provided. If you plan on fishing, you will need to bring your own equipment. It is recommended that your rod and reel are in a hard case. You may contact our office if you have any questions regarding what to bring or have questions on what flies or lures will work best.

    Camera and plenty of film - You will want to bring your camera or video camera to capture your adventure. We give you a dry bag to protect your equipment from water damage. If you are concerned about damaging your camera, we recommend the disposable waterproof cameras.